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PlayAddDownload Taking ActionDRAMA Investigative, Crime Midtempo drum and bass groove with piano, rock guitar, vibes U.S. Mint, TheDRAMA01:47Michael Whalen (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload Desolate bATMOSPHERE Strange Haunting, eerie ambient atmosphere. Crime Scene CleanupATMOSPHERES01:36Christopher Anthony Biondo (BMI) 50%, Lenny Williams (BMI) 50%
PlayAddDownload The VictimDRAMA Action, Reality Tv, Tension Dramatic, slow, pensive piano cue Understanding Amazing Brain, TheDRAMA01:25Lenny Williams (BMI) 100%
PlayAddDownload Crime Lab aDRAMA Action, Reality Tv, Tension Dramatic mystery thriller synths Understanding MemoryDRAMA01:00Fred Karns (BMI) 100%
PlayAddDownload Devastating Turn Of EventsDRAMA - Investigative Somber, tragic, sorrowful keyboards with orchestral swells, 80 BPM (A Minor) - Life or Death (AKA We Can Rebuild You)DRAMA01:16Josh Butler (BMI) 100%
PlayAddDownload Investigating the CluesDRAMA Investigative, Reality Tv, Crime Bright, modern investigative drama Skeleton CluesDRAMA01:31Jim Heffernan (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload Planting EvidenceDRAMA Investigative, Reality Tv, Crime Pulsing beat, electronic sounds, tribal feel Understanding TrafficDRAMA01:14Fred Karns (BMI) 100%
PlayAddDownload Streets of Night eDRAMA Investigative, Crime, Reality Tv Dark, swinging modern drama Big JohnDRAMA01:13Charles P Barnett (BMI) 100%
PlayAddDownload Cop DramaDRAMA Investigative, Crime Dramatic modern drama with synths, and rock groove American Families The Mcgee's Intervention HouseDRAMA01:59Joey C Newman (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload Too LateDRAMA Investigative, Crime Dark, modern investigative drama Animal Cops Houston Ep 3DRAMA02:02Ernie Wood (PRS) 100%
PlayAddDownload FearlessDRAMA Investigative Dark investigative drama Firehouse USA BostonDRAMA01:25Matt David Koskenmaki (BMI) 50%, David John Vanacore (ASCAP) 50%
PlayAddDownload Cutting It CloseDRAMA Investigative ADVENTURE, DRAMA, SUSPENSE TENSION, WORLD, FEAR, INVESTIGATIVE CRIME SCENES, Tense tribal percussion with ponderous, expectant strings and threatening guitars Lived To Tell DCI 156DRAMA02:19Guy S Thomas (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload DarkenedSerious, Television Styles Reality TV, Modern, Cold, Dramatic, Dreamy yet uneasy piece a driving vibe that could inflect trancelike feeling. Destroyed In Seconds 3DRAMA01:36David John Vanacore (ASCAP) 50%, Brandon Scott Thompson (ASCAP) 50%
PlayAddDownload RNR_ATMOSDRONE_39ATMOSPHERES01:34Ron Riddle (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload Without Sleep GrooveElectronic, Warm, Reflective, Television Styles Reality TV, Highstakes electronica piece with many dramatic elements and a suspenseful build throughout (groove). Destroyed In Seconds 3ELECTRONIC01:18Craig Alan Owens (BMI) 50%, David John Vanacore (ASCAP) 50%
PlayAddDownload New EvidenceDRAMA Action, Reality Tv, Tension Quick drum groove, curious light melody Extreme Engineering Bridging the Bering StraitDRAMA01:30Claudio Ragazzi (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload Body FoundDRAMA Action, Investigative Repetitive bell synth with piano, strings, woodwinds Great Books Crime and PunishmentDRAMA01:17Eric L Heiberg (BMI) 100%
PlayAddDownload Abandoned aDRAMA Reflective Dark, sad, emotional piano with synths, eerie sound effects. Crime Scene CleanupDRAMA02:18Christopher Anthony Biondo (BMI) 50%, Lenny Williams (BMI) 50%
PlayAddDownload Empty Seats b (60)DRAMA Sad, Reflective Slow, sad orchestra and piano American Families The Clarks Family CarnivalDRAMA01:00Joey C Newman (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload Sun Spots_INST_60Euphoric acoustic electronic journey featuring house beats.ELECTRONICA01:04Daniel R Burke (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload Ace PilotDRAMA Investigative, Reality Tv, Crime Slow, deliberate, funky drum and bass Flight SimDRAMA01:39Andre Ferreri (ASCAP) 100%
PlayAddDownload AnesthesiaDRAMA Investigative, Reality Tv, Crime Dramatic synth atmosphere with acoustic guitar Animal Precinct (Season 2) Expect the Unexpected, ep 217DRAMA02:05Ernie Wood (PRS) 100%
PlayAddDownload BWY_EVIL_27Suspenseful, Piano, Dark Drones, Dangerous, Ominous, Creepy, Lurking, Scary, Tense, Mysterious, Efx, Piano, Horror, Tension, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Slow Tempo, Full VersionDRAMA01:28Brian Wayy (BMI) 100%
PlayAddDownload RNR_EMODRAMA_4DRAMA02:15Ron Riddle (ASCAP) 100%
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October 21, 2011
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